Day 26 LA Marathon Training – 18.60 Miles in Compression Socks


20 days to go.. So close!

This morning I headed out early, around 6:45 a.m., to minimize running in the blaring sun. The past few weeks in Southern California have been more like summer with temperatures in the low 80’s. Good for the beach.. Not so much for a hilly 18 miler in Oak Park.

I head out with my favorite long run accessory, “pink compression socks”, 2 packs of GU Energy, a water bottle, and one piece of grape lemonade layers chewing gum ( a pick me up around mile 15).

My long run was a success today! I started off easy and gradually picked up my pace. Finishing faster than I started. I even put in .60 of a mile over the 18! Which I did slow down a bit.. My body was ready for another shot of liquid glucose. Haha! Look for my next article on compression socks which I swear by!

My pre-run consisted of my “usual” black coffee and athletic greens probiotic drink plus a piece of whole wheat toast. I usually have an almond, cashews, and cranberries trail mix but I was crunched for time. Bread is easy and won’t make me urp.

During the run, I consistently had water every 2 miles with a GU (salted caramel) GU Energy at mile 6 and mile 12. I lucked out and refilled my water bottle at a Starbucks at mile 12. Park water is not to tasty!

Post run I continued to walk for several minutes. I finished drinking my water and stretched my legs. It feels really good to bring your knees up to your chest while walking. Also, try bringing your heels up to your butt while standing, alternating feet. I made an Isopure protein shake immediately and hit the shower! I can check that run off my training calendar…

Here’s my splits:


As you can imagine the quicker splits are down hill, slower ones are up hill.
Overall, my pace is pretty consistent which is exactly what all this training is for. I want to be able to maintain a consistent pace the whole 26.2 miles.


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